Monday, July 11, 2022


 Owen’s Fire Story

I was in my house, suddenly, I see smoke out the window.

Suddenly, I see smoke out the window!

Then our neighbor bangs on the door.

“There’s a fire! There’s a fire!”

Our mom goes out and talks with the neighbor and then my sister starts crying. Then we go inside and pack up.

You’re probably wondering where my dad is. My dad is hunting for elk.

After we’re done packing, we leave.

And, my sister has to go to the bathroom. My mom forgot her purse and went all the way back to the house.

Then we go to Mrs. B’s house. We stay there for a while and then we went to a friend’s house. We stayed there for two nights and our friend’s dad is a firefighter.

Then, eventually, my dad comes home.

Then I hear a propane tank blow up. Ten hours later, we start driving back home.

Then we notice our power is back on.

We pack up everything from our friend’s house and start heading back to the house.

The end.

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