Thursday, July 7, 2022


 Valeria’s Fire Story

On the morning of September 8, 2020, I woke up and asked my dad if we could go to the park with my dog and my brother. We were at the dog park and I realized I could hear a lot cop cars, fire trucks, and I saw a helicopter that was carrying something really big. My dad said we had to leave because we didn’t know what was happening. As we were driving, there was a lot of wind and it was very dark. There was a lot of smoke and I felt like I was choking. Then I saw my cousins leaving their homes and asked us if we knew what waw happening. They were wearing masks. We saw the cops coming and telling everyone they needed to evacuate in five minutes. We rushed and grabbed everything we could. My dad told us and my cousins we needed to meet outside in five minutes. I grabbed my clothes and a hair tie because I thought that we were going to come back.

Then we left in my dad’s truck. My cousins put their dog in the back our truck with a wet rag since there was a lot of smoke and that is bad for them. As we were leaving my house, I saw flames in the entrance of our house. We were able to leave right on time. We called my mom and asked her if she was okay and asked her if she needed to evacuate. She was confused and didn’t know what was happening. My brother told her we needed to evacuate because of the fire. My mom was scared because she did not know if we were okay. We told her that we were okay but that she needed to go back to the house for important papers. My mom still had not left her job, so my stepdad went back there for the important papers. Then my mom got out of work and met us at Walmart and that is when we left with her.

When we got into my mom’s car, we ran into my mom’s friend and we all went to a church. When we were at the church, I was playing with kids outside and then the cops showed up and started to say, “Evacuate now! Evacuate now!”

Then I ran to tell my mom that I smelled smoke and the cops had just us we needed to leave. When we were in the car, I fell asleep for about an hour. Then I woke up and we were in a store and I felt really tired. Then I saw my mom and asked her where we were and what we were doing. She said we were at a store buying food because we needed to eat. Then I saw my mom had found more friends and they were talking.

My mom gave me something to eat and we went to my stepdad’s friend’s house. That night we did not fall asleep until 4am.

It was a very long and ugly night. I will NEVER forget September 8, 2020! 

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