Sunday, July 17, 2022

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Gina’s Fire Story

Here is my story on the fires of September 8, 2020.

Hi, I’m Gina. This is a story of a fire, okay let’s start.

So, my mom and dad went to Winco. Me and my sister were going to stay home. I was going to take a shower. Then, I heard pounding at the on my front door! We didn’t open the door because we were afraid it was somebody mean. So, we called our dad. Dad used his phone to check our security camera. Dad saw it was the manager at the door.  By that time, the manager had already left.

My mom got a call from a friend from work. The friend said that there was somebody knocking on your door. So, my dad drove really quickly back from Winco.

My sister told me to sit down and she would tell me if something bad was happening. My sister grabbed my dog and told me, “nothing is happening.” But really, there was a whole bunch of smoke. I stood up and screamed, “Look! LOOK!”

I saw smoke and flames 3 feet from our house!! Dad and mom got home and started packing stuff. They said, “just get in the car.” I only grabbed my pajamas and the clothes I was wearing. We drove to pick up my cousins: Lily and Lixandro.

I was quiet but scared. I went with my uncle to Medford. We were going to sleep there but another fire came to Medford, so we drove to Ashland. It was calmer in Ashland. Then we went to a big house. We slept there. In the morning the sky was gray but the sun was red. We found out everything was burned and we were so scared, but that wasn’t true. Thank God our home didn’t burn down. We saw videos of the fire and saw things exploding. Important engines of my dad’s burned and were destroyed. The gasoline exploded too.

I’ll never forget that day!

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